Remember Anthony Gobert? This Bimota brings back some fond memories

Your intrepid editors spotted this rare and oh-so-lovely Bimota SB8R at the Mid-Ohio AMA Superbike Races. Seeing this beautiful twin-cylinder machine brought back memories of Anthony Gobert’s campaign with Bimota back in 2000. Gobert gave Bimota its one and only World Superbike victory, in the rain at Philip Island. It was Gobert’s last real bit of glory, and his slide into racing oblivion had already begun.
Gobert was a phenomenally talented rider in the 90’s, but had difficulty playing by the rules of the roadracing world. For whatever reason he seemed to have trouble staying away from drugs and alcohol, failing several drug tests along the way and losing some very important rides, including a ride on a Suzuki 500 GP bike.

Your editor had a few encounters with Gobert over the years. There was the practice day where Gobert came past your editor on the track at such a rapid rate of speed that time stood still for a moment. Another chance encounter found Gobert in a bar in Orange, California, chatting up the beautiful barmaid and later relieving himself against a car in the parking lot. Ah, those were the days!

Last we heard Anthony still racing, in the Australian Superbike Championship.

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