It’s New, It’s Weird, It’s Cool, It’s Here- The 2008 Suzuki B-King


Suzuki’s B-King broke cover to an unsuspecting public at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept bike featured radical styling and a supercharged Hayabusa 1300cc engine, along with a host of future-tech goodies. It had a fingerprint recognition starting system, a 150mm wide front tire and 240mm rear. And, of course, the styling looked like an escaped Transformer, complete with zoomy Flash Gordon exhaust pipes. In February of 2007 surprised journalists got a chance to see the B-King in action at Philip Island, and word was the radical musclebike would be available soon. As Morrissey famously sang, how soon is now?


Suzuki didn’t tone down the styling a bit while making the conversion from concept to production. Sure the bike lost its supercharger, but with an expected 160-plus horsepower on tap, we doubt anyone will complain that it’s slow. They even kept the controversial upswept rocketship exhaust pipes. We imagine aftermarket exhaust makers are thanking the motorcycle gods that Suzuki kept the pipes, as these will surely be swapped out by lots of B-King owners.


Production specs include a 1340cc fuel injected engine with 12.5:1 compression and a six-speed tranny with chain drive. That monster 150 front tire on the prototype was changed to a better handling 120/70-17 for production. The massive 240 rear on the concept bike is now a 200/50-17, still big but should allow easier turning. Standard equipment includes radial mount front calipers clamping on 310mm rotors. Out back is a single piston caliper working a 260mm disc. You might think you’d want a steering damper on such a powerful bike, and Suzuki evidently agrees, as a steering damper is standard.


With a 60 inch wheelbase, this isn’t a roadracer. What is is, though, is a new definition of the word “musclebike”. It’s the most aggressively styled boulevard bike we’ve ever seen, and surely will draw many comparisons with Yamaha’s VMAX. We can’t wait to test the B-King head to head with a new V-Max. The B-King is available in silver/black and black/matte black. Suzuki B-King MSRP is $12,899.00, and look for the the bike to be hitting showrooms in September.

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