AMA Superbike- We’ve got a couple of questions…..


Ho hum. In this weekend’s AMA Superbike races at Virginia International Raceway, guess who won? Yep….Mladin and Spies. Or was it Spies and Mladin? Its ALWAYS Spies or Mladin. The bright spots of this weekend were Aaron Yates and Jamie Hacking. The Jordan Suzuki team has got to be thrilled at the results they’ve been getting recently. They’ve opened a major league can o’ whoopass on all the factory teams outside the aforementioned Spies and Mladin. And Hacking and the rejuvenated Kawasaki crew have shown flashes of brilliance since Laguna. Otherwise, this is really starting to get boring. We’ve got some questions, and we’d like answers dammit!!!

When will a race winner have a name other than Spies or Mladin?
When will a race winning bike be other than a Suzuki?
Can Yates and the Jordan team continue continue improving until Aaron is standing on the top of the podium?
How long will American Honda live with the embarrassment of finishing outside the top five? And getting beat to the line by privateers?
Are Jake Zemke, Eric Bostrom, Jason Disalvo and Tommy Hayden capable of winning races? Or will they soon be relegated to the lesser classes, like one of our favorite riders, Ben Bostrom?
Will Pirelli get serious about challenging Dunlop for tire superiority in America?

And when will Roger Lee Hayden be back on the Kawasaki MotoGP bike?

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