Is the Isle of Man TT too dangerous to continue?

For years people have speculated about whether or not the Isle of Man TT races should continue. Over the past 100 years more than 200 people have died while participating in this race. Heck, this year one rider crashed and died, and took two spectators with him!

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Since the Isle of Man was taken off the Grand Prix calendar, the race has been run mostly by locals and TT specialists. Outside of the British Superbike series, not many professional racers are willing to risk the dangers of flying within inches of hedges and buildings at 200 miles per hour. And who can blame them?

I would never want to race at the TT. But I think the races should continue as long as there are racers willing to take the risk, and spectators willing to shell out the bucks for the air fare, ferry, and hotels. The TT is a significant part of the Island’s economy, I know the locals want it to continue.

What do you think? Is it too dangerous? Should it be shut down for the rider’s own good?

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