Congratulations Casey Stoner, Ducati, Bridgestone

I gotta say congrats to Casey Stoner, Ducati, and Bridgestone. All 3 won their very first MotoGP championship this past sunday at Motegi in Japan. For relatively small Ducati to outperform the Big Four Japanese manufacturers is quite a feat. But it seems like the Bridgestones had a lot to do with it. Interesting that after all those years of Michelin dominance, there is now competition in tires. Even more interesting is that now that there is actual competition in tires, Dorna seems to want to take that away and go to a one-tire-brand rule.

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Of course we can’t forget Stoner. What a talented kid. And what a magically babelicious wife! That kid is way too young and rich to be married, in my humble opinion.

Major props to Stoner and his family. They really believed in his talent for many years, to the point of moving the whole family from Australia to the U.K so Casey could further his racing career. It certainly paid off.

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