I got a ticket

A few weeks ago I got a ticket for…get this….license plate in the wrong place, and no red reflector in the back. Damn that cop had a bug up his butt. But its just a fixit ticket, so no major complaint, right?

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Yesterday I talked to a guy at a gas station, he was riding a ratty CBR900RR, no fairing, kinda beat up, little streetfighter headlight, and a wheelie bar that had never been on the ground. Nice. Oh, he had no mirrors, no turn signals at all, and no speedometer. His license plate was bolted directly to the swingarm, with no light on it.

I told him about my bullsh*t ticket for no reflector, and license plate in wrong place. He told me he just got a speeding ticket a week ago, and the cop didn’t write him up for anything other than the speeding. WTF??? This kid had NO MIRRORS, NO SPEEDOMETER, NO TURN SIGNALS! And he gets away with a bike like that?

It ain’t fair, I tell ya.

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