Indy Powersports Trade Show 2010 Report

My very small company, The Cycle Guys Inc, recently attended the Dealernews Powersports Expo in Indianapolis.  This is the largest motorcycle industry trade show in the United States.  This is where many manufacturers and distributors of aftermarket motorcycle parts show their goods to motorcycle dealers from across the country.

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As you might expect, the number of exhibitors was down this year.  In years past, exhibitors filled up not only the Indianapolis Convention Center, but also the adjacent sports stadium.  This year the Lucas Oil Stadium was dark and silent, with vendors only filling up the convention center.

There are lots of really cool moto-parts to touch and ogle at this trade show.  Lots of good ideas.  And a fair amount of bad ideas.

High up on my list of Indy weirdness was this Chinese copy of a Can-Am Spyder.  From across the room it looked pretty good.  But, to borrow a phrase from my single guy friends, it looked “good from far, but far from good”.

Chinese copy of Can-Am Spyder
Upon closer inspection, this little jewel was a bit smaller than the real Can-Am Spyder.  I’d estimate it to be about 7/8 scale.  It’s powered by a 250cc, single cylinder 4 stroke motor.  I’d guess something like 25 to 30 horsepower pushing the beast.  Owners of Porsche 911’s, McLaren Mercedes’, and Hyosung GT650’s would have little to worry about in a drag race.
Sadly I’ll probably never get to ride one of these Can-Am clones.  At the show I was informed they are not legal in California, where I live.  I’m guessing I’m not missing much.

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  1. Radek says:

    Wife and I and 2 other couples paelnnd a 28-day June 11 tour of the western states. Our Spyder RT/S made it all the way the AZ before the electrics and transmission went out. Oh, its not so bad at 22 mpg with the accessory trailer, we’d have never made it across Utah anyway. Local dealer couldnt fix it, and the rest of our group had to leave us there. Vacation over on Day 4. Oh, and CanAm wont reimburse the Uhaul bill and gas to get it home. Good Luck. Total mileage at time of failure 3,400.

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