The Cycle Guys Sidemount Luggage System – The Future of Sportbike Luggage


Saddlebags and sportbikes have never really worked well together.

Affordable, yet low-tech, most saddlebags require mounting straps to be draped over passenger seats, rubbing on a bike’s bodywork, ruining paint and then—adding insult to injury—need to be tied down so they don’t fall off or flap in the breeze.

Until now, the solution to this problem was an exorbitantly priced set of hard saddlebags with expensive, bike-specific mounting brackets–if the company even made an application for your motorcycle.

Today, the revolutionary Sidemount Luggage System (SLS) from The Cycle Guys changes the saddlebag-mounting game.

Utilizing stock passenger footpeg brackets as mounting points, the SLS magically mounts in minutes without touching bodywork or seats. No brackets are bolted to subframes. No drilling or other modifications are necessary.

Making all of this possible is the Sidemount Luggage System’s unique Locking Rotational 360 Degree mounting system. Each bag’s angle is fully adjustable to clear turn signals and exhaust pipes, allowing them to sit properly and securely lock in place on every bike.

SLS bags are rated at 10 pounds each, with enough space to carry the necessities of a well equipped adventure. Once their expansion flaps are unzipped, they’ll easily shelter full-face helmets. To keep smaller items organized inside, each bag features an elastic cargo net pouch.

The Cycle Guys Sidemount Luggage System comes complete with two SLS bags and a simple mounting system for most sport and standard motorcycles. They have a suggested retail price of $299.00 and will be available in May.

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Contact The Cycle Guys directly at or 714-357-1102.
Contact: Tim Monroe

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The Cycle Guys
Sidemount Luggage System

The Cycle Guys SLS B

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The Cycle Guys
Sidemount Luggage System

The Cycle Guys SLS A

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The Cycle Guys
Sidemount Luggage System

The Cycle Guys SLS C

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