The Cycle Guys Go Green! FastPack For Electric Motorcycles

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about electric motorcycles.  The inaugural TTXGP was held at the Isle of Man in 2009, featuring electric road racing motorcycles.  Electric motorcycles are quickly becoming more mainstream, with ever-lower prices and ever-increasing range.

The Cycle Guys ( worked with Hollywood Electrics ( to fit the FastPack Universal to Electric Motorsports GPR-S and the Zero S electric motorcycles.

FastPack from The Cycle Guys is a retractable tail bag that attaches to your motorcycle’s passenger seat.  When you don’t need it, zip it down and it functions and looks like a padded seat cover with a carbon-fiber look.  When you need to carry stuff, just unzip the perimeter zipper and FastPack expands up to provide useful cargo capacity, similar to a small tank bag.  With FastPack you can carry lunch, gym clothes, shoes, a six-pack, whatever!  FastPack is available in 7 sizes to fit a variety of modern motorcycles, including the electric motorcycle noted here.  For information contact The Cycle Guys at or 714-357-1102.

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Zero S Electric Motorcycle with FastPack expanded.

Electric Motorsports GPR-S with FastPack in down position

Electric Motorsports GPR-S with FastPack expanded

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    For seat covers, i prefer to use cotton or polyester woven fabric because i like its feel.,~`

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