Eslick Jumps Start to Daytona 200 with No Penalty

There’s an interesting opinion article on Superbike Planet, check this out:

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On the restart of the Daytona 200, Danny Eslick very clearly jumped the start.  I’m guessing that anyone who knows anything about motorcycle road racing figured Eslick would be looking at a stop-and-go penalty.  But it never happened.  Because Eslick immediately stopped (with his front wheel several inches in front of the mandatory box) the DMG decided “no harm, no foul”, and let Eslick continue without penalty.

After 2009’s numerous DMG debacles, this was quite a change of attitude.  It seems that, maybe, the DMG has actually been listening to the chorus of complaints from long-time roadracing fans and participants.

Roger Edmonson is gone.  The controversial Buells are out of the picture.  DMG officials asked participants for their suggestions.  My oh my, it looks like there may be hope for the AMA Superbike series after all.

Danny Eslick ended up fourth in the race.  Without the help of duct tape.

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