Crazy Custom Bikes at the Isle of Man

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Bikes at the Isle of Man                
Words and Pics:    Tim Monroe
Here in the states we have a huge variety of bikes, in every shape, flavor and color. We have the choppers of course, and chromed out sportbikes with extended swingarms, repli-racers, vintage bikes, etc. But for a completely new take on the meaning of “custom bikes”, look around at the TT. 

No trip to the Isle of Man TT races is complete without checking out the German streetfighters. Streetfighters are not exclusive to the Germans, but they do seem to take their bikes to the greatest extremes. Check out the photos, and look at the detail of these bikes. Turbos, nitrous, some with no seat pads, some with polished aluminum seats. 
Like your ‘fighter chromed? flashy paint? polished aluminum bodywork? Your choice. Want your bike’s ass end sticking up sky high? How about a 4 into 4 exhaust, with underseat outlets going thru the bodywork? Nothing is too bizarre for the Streetfighter crowd. Function be damned, these are way bitchin’ bikes.
One bike in particular caught our attention. The “General Lee” appeared to be an early 80’s Suzuki, completely done up in full Dukes of Hazard paint scheme.   This General Lee probably couldn’t jump very well, but I’ll bet it kicks ass at the dragstrip. The bike’s owner obviously spent a lot of time with the General. Among other things, it has a turbocharger, custom wheels with rim mounted brake discs in front, and an adjustable length swingarm to keep things stable at the strip. Even if you’re not a fan of the 70’s TV show, you have to give props to the guy who built this bike.
Want more weirdness? How about a bobbed Honda Valkyrie, with 6 intake stacks, and 6 into 6 exhausts with the ends pointed upward, ready to shoot at incoming MiG’s? Then there was the Ford V-6 powered rat-trike looking like it came from a post-apocalyptic world, complete with mice, rats and bats. 
Sidecar rigs abound at the Isle of Man. A blue Gold Wing had what appeared to be a small car attached to its side. In reality it was a 2 person sidecar with 2 wheels, front and rear, the front wheel being steered with the Gold Wing’s. This contraption was freakin’ huge!  And tho I hate the idea of ruining the handling on a great naked sportbike, there was a gorgeous Aprilia Tuono (the Racing version no less) attached to an equally beautiful carbon fiber sidecar.  No lane splitting on these rigs!
The boys at Orange County Choppers <gag me> have nothing on the imagination and creativeness viewable at the Isle of Man. I wish more alleged “custom motorcycle builders” would take a trip to the TT to get fresh ideas on what a custom bike can be.

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