Triumph Announces Street Triple

Triumph Motorcycles announced the addition of the Street Triple to their line of street motorcycles.  The Street Triple is heavily based on the Daytona 675, but features a more upright riding position and styling reminiscent of the Speed Triple.

The price is right, MSRP is $7999.00 in the US.  Triumph claims the engine has been "retuned" for less top end power, and more lower end torque.  The suspension is not quite as adjustable as on the Daytona 675, and the Street Triple does not feature radial mounted brakes.  All in the name of keeping the price low, is my guess.

Since this is not the type of bike people typically use for track days or racing, I suppose having less than state-of-the-art suspension and brakes won’t be a deal killer for the buyer they’re trying to attract.


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